Repressive Hypothesis Essay

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The Repressive hypothesis states how we currently live in a sexual repressed society. The repressive hypothesis also states that sexuality needs to be liberated, or that it does not have to be repressed. Identifying with ones sexuality is the key to unlocking ones identity and one’s happiness. The repressive hypothesis initially implies three edicts; that derive from our repressed society. According to the repressive hypothesis, specifically in the repressive culture we live in, the first edict explains how all sexuality must be silenced in all occasions, for the mention of sexuality is taboo. In modern times, specifically within the 17th century, it was also important to keep sexuality “hush-hush”, only those who belong to the lower class…show more content…
He believes that the way in which sexuality is expressed, by different philosophers, is the wrong way to think of sexuality. Through his philosophy his main goal is to question sexuality itself and for society to question the idea of the sexuality options given. Foucault has participated in many revolution such as women and gay revolutions and in the movements pertaining to the solitary prisoners faced in the 70’s. Foucault believed in observing and participating in social movements. He believed that in order to understand the present ies, history needed to be explained and observed. Being able to see historical movements, in a linear matter, gives us the ability to see the problems in the present day. When describing his books, Foucault often referred to them as the history of the present. Foucault ultimately believed that in order to understand the present time one must look at past events. The example of expressing the past in order to understand the future can be further explained in his book, History of sexuality. History of Sexuality is also used by Foucault to further explain sexuality and his critique of the repressive hypothesis. In Foucault’s book he speaks on many historical events, as well as the politics of truth, the origination of confession and lastly the explosion of sexuality in a form of
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