Report on Training Session and Analysis

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Report on Training Session and Analysis

The aim of this final report is to talk about the training session on Recruitment and Selection, with a particular focus on a training session carried out in class by Vilma, Janeth and Rachel

Recruitment is employing members off staff by adding to the team. The method of finding the right person for the job to meet the organizations needs.

Selection is part of the recruitment process that inviting people to apply for the job, right person successful. Therefore, by getting the right person rightly motivated, is a competitive advantage for an organisation.

According to Amherst College, training is about preparing and improves the employee knowledge, skills and expertise to carry out the current or the future job. The processes of re-learn and increase an existing knowing and skills, and mainly take time to reflect and ponder the new options can support them to progress their success at work. However, the objectives of this training were to improve the capacity of the students who are transiting into the career as HRM professionals.


➢ Been aware of the recruitment and selection process, and the complications an employer should guard against.

➢ Been aware of the steps involved in the process and their importance as well as identify any problems that may arise.

➢ Been aware of the advantages and disadvantages of numerous recruitment sources and selection methods.

➢ Understand how effective recruitment and selection enables a company to be at a competitive advantage.

The planning process was carried out by the three off us. Specifically talking about me, I worked in three sections which are: researched and wrote the slides titled Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Recr...

... middle of paper ...

... future as student as well as HR professional, which is my short-term goal.

Specific - allows me to take lead in my group, and I was able to delegate simple duties to my group.

Measureable – will allow feedback from the teacher, who will identify my strengths and weaknesses on the presentation from the training session.

Attainable - setting a target to delegate responsibilities will be achieved at every opportunity to ensure that I feel confident when I am qualified.

Realistic – whilst partaking in my group activities, I will ensure to be more involved in the delegation of the group work.

Time - I have planned to reach this goal in three months time as I just started this new job.

In my long-term goals I will start to develop my professional development planning and obtain constructive feedback from my teacher and that will be the highpoint of my progression.

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