Report on Music Teacher Observation

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The classroom embodied the stereotypical music classroom with its various instruments scattered around the room. Every inch of the wall and door was covered with music notes while chairs encircled the room. Besides the teacher’s desk, there were no other desks in sight. The students had to sit on the ground in the center of the room away from the instruments. Even when playing instruments, the students sat on the ground. Although the setup was very different from a general classroom, it was appropriate for the kinds of lessons that the teacher taught the students. The teacher did not hand out any worksheets or assigned homework so the students did not need any desks for writing. Since the classroom was already small and cramped, having desks in the class would have impeded on the activities that the students performed. The time that the teacher spent with the students was very short, about 40 minute, so as soon as the students were all inside the classroom, the teacher started the lesson right away. The teacher began the class by asking the students about their spring break and wh...
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