Report on Characteristics and Consequences of an Aging Population

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Report on Characteristics and Consequences of an Aging Population

An ageing population is a population that, for a number of reasons, is

collectively and gradually growing older. The main reasons for this

are falling birth rates while death rates remain static. An ageing

population can, however, have severe consequences for a country, which

will be described below.

In this report, the characteristics and consequences of an ageing

population will be described using specific case studies on a world,

and regional scale. Areas where population is ageing will be shown

and reasons why the population is ageing in these areas will be


What are the Characteristics of an Ageing Population?

An ageing population is a population that is growing older. I other

words more people are growing old (old is defined as anyone over 65

years of age), then babies are being born, resulting in a net increase

of the average age of a person living in that country. Therefore

generally countries with an ageing population have a low death rate

(and consequently a high life expectancy) and a similarly low

(sometimes even lower) birth rate, which results in the

area/country/region having an extremely low natural increase, with, in

some more extreme cases a natural decrease.

In other words an ageing population can be described by a simple

formula: -

Fewer babies born + People living for longer = a higher percentage of

elderly people.

Where has it Occurred and Why

Generally, the MEDC’s of he western world tend to be prone to ageing

populations whereas as the LEDC’s of Africa and parts of Asia are the

opposite, with these hav...

... middle of paper ...

The problems (and advantages) above are what Seaton, and other similar

South coast resorts must now face, and are what Swindon and other

similar (demographically) towns/cities will probably eventually have

to face in the future


* MEDC’s generally have more ageing population than

LEDC’s BUT - it is probable that LEDC’s in their futures will also

have ageing population

* The problems faced on an international scale are

generally the same problems as faced in more local areas, but simply

on a much bigger scale

* Causes of ageing populations different in more local

areas it is generally caused by migrations of older people, but on an

international scale it is almost entirely the result of demographics,

as shown in the Demographic Transition Model
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