Report of Investigation: Aldrich Ames

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In 1986, the Central Intelligence Agency began to notice its agencies contacts and operations within the Soviet Union began to spoil at an alarmingly rate. The Soviet KGB, a national security agency, was eliminating these Soviet “Double Agents” seemingly instantaneously after meeting with CIA agents. Initial brought about the thought of KGB interception of field communication. Security measures were put in place where select few knew of these field operations yet the KGB still continued to pursue its current mission of eliminating CIA contacts. Ideas of a mole within the Agency became more and more apparent.

In mid 1986, the Chief of Counterintelligence Staff created a special task force within the Counterintelligence staff. This task force consisted of four members but none of which had investigative or financial investigation backgrounds. All members were seasoned officers who were tasked with discovering full detailed analysis of compromised operations; this included investigating how many cases was relevant Edward Lee Howard betrayal. In late 1986, the FBI joined the investigation after two Soviet contacts that had worked very closely with the FBI were arrested and executed. The CIA special task force was soon pulled astray following the confession of a marine security guard who confessed to KGB ties while stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Investigations hit a standstill and did not continue until 1991.

In late 1989, a tip was received by the Counterintelligence Center that Agent Aldrich Hazen Ames was living well beyond his finances could support following his return from Rome, Italy. (FAS) The information was reported by another CIA agent that was personally close to Ames. The informant also stated to hav...

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