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639 words

I had a dream that I was in the time period when there was just swords and shields, (none of the advanced automatic weapons we have now). In that time period, I woke up in my bunk to find that I had been enlisted in the military by my father for the past five years. In those five years, I had risen through the ranks of the army. When I had woke up, I forgot who I was, until it hit me. I am a lieutenant in the army, commanding a seven-person unit (four men and three women), their training regimen included a 5-mile run, 95 push-ups, and 110 sit-ups; there is eight people if you count me that specializes for: assassination, spying, sabotage, recon missions, and if need be to serve on the frontlines. The group of seven people had specialties of their own; including weapons, but I was the one that picked and trained them. Me on the other hand, I was able to use: my inherited magic from my great-grandfather, a recurve bow, two short battle axes (for when I lose my sword and shield), a long sword, blow dart gun, five throwing-knives, and a crusader lion shield. I was called in to the General Winfield's office, I didn't know the general real well, but I did know about his reputation. He asked me to explain all the details about my unit, I told him politely that I was not authorized to tell him. I told him as well that for me to be authorized to tell him the details, he would have to seek authorization from Major General Dixon. He got the approval he needed and I told him everything about my unit, that he needed to know about my specialized unit. I had asked him as well, about why he was asking about my unit. He told me that he needed me and my men for an upcoming battle. He explained why I was needed for that upcoming battle; the Chinese ... ... middle of paper ... ...he army, as well as the fortifications and the locations of the defenses. He said that his mission was over and was going to return back to the base when I headed back. I dispatched two people to report back to headquarters. One person for my unit, and one person from my brother's unit as well to report back headquarters. It was going to take two days for the to get there, and possibly an extra day or two, to get back to our site. A few days later the two people I dispatched returned, and told us that the army was about one week behind them. They carried a message from the general, saying that we were to harass the Chinese army as much as possible without getting caught, until our own army arrived. So we did as we were ordered to do. Which was: sabotaging, destroying necessary supplies to enemy troops, kill any one who spots us, and attack all enemy supply caravans.

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how they woke up in their bunk to find that they had been enlisted in the military by their father for the past five years.
  • Explains that the general told them about their mission, which was to do a recon on major city of china.
  • Describes how their unit was saddled up and sent to beijing for their mission. they were sabotaging, destroying supplies, and attacking all enemy supply caravans.
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