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Have you read The Boy Who Reversed Himself by William Sleator? The charismatic main characters made the book come alive. These characters include Laura, Omar, and Pete. The plot for this book is a thrilling and unexpected one. Along with every good plot, the characters experienced some major conflicts. The theme of the book is to listen to what you are told. The quote, "Laura, answer me. Why did you jump? Now we'll just be in more trouble with the upper guardians. You don't know what i had to go through to save you the first time. They said I should let you die. And now you force me to bring you up here! No one's broken that law ," was used in the book. Literary devices were also used to enhance your understanding of the book, such as similes, alliteration, and personification. Laura, Omar, and Pete helped the plot advance throughout the book. Laura was a tall, smart girl who wanted to be popular and date Pete, who was the most popular boy at school. Laura was always nervous of Pete thinking she was peculiar. Throughout the course of the book, Laura begin to realize she no longer likes Pete, and she developes feelings for Omar. Larua's fast thinking saves 3- space from 4- space creatures. Omar is a stocky, short boy with glasses who is an outsider in school. Omar was also very patient with Laua. He lives next to Laura and likes her from the beginning. However, after hanging out a couple of times over the summer, Laura stops talking to him when school starts because he is considered a "jerk" and is not popular. When Laura wants information, she starts hanging out with Omar again. Omar is a guardian for 2- space and shows Laura 4- space, even though he is not suppose to. Pete is an athletic boy who is popul... ... middle of paper ... ... kid, discovered it one summer at the library in elementary or middle school. Like any story appealing to a pre-teen, the story begins with a girl's crush on some dreamy guy and her daydreams interrupted by her weirdly intense neighbor, who turns out to be a guardian to the 2nd dimension. When he attempts to show off to win her over, things get dangerous and spooky for the kids who not only get trapped in an intricate web of alternate realities and dimensions and are threatened constantly. A good transition from fairy tales to science fiction with lots of imagination and suspense." I agree with several points in this review. I agree it was any appealing story to pre- teens and teenagers. I also agree it was a good transition to science fiction with a lot of suspence and imagination used. I would reccomend reading The Boy Who Reversed Himself by William Sleator.

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