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Step 1 Define Research Purpose The purpose of this research project is to brainstorm how feasible it is for me to enter the computer repair and maintenance field. Step 2 Take Mental Inventory I love electronic fascination with how the radio calculators and TV works drove my curiosity to learn more about the inner workings and hidden secrets of electronics. As a child I used father college typewriter computers being rather costly at the time. I did play with small computers and electrical devices very early on but It wasn't till I attended school or visited my father work that I got my hands on a full size computer. The Apple green screen computer where I played number muncher as a child transported my dreams into ones and zeros. Though at this time I already had a Nintendo and the likes of Mario and Luigi were well known heroes. Now we are going to paint a picture of my success, my character, vision, confidence in myself, faith in the future and a very optimistic attitude to life. Which means simply I never ever give up or take no for a answer. I receive my high school degree and took classes in preparation for a career in the computer field. I am sharp-set in my trades metal tech, wood tech, Graphic Arts, Photo, German and computer hardware and software. My first computer a Windows 95 had me considering my life in a computer trade. My father used computers to test parts for a living and his father. First experience is serving a small group of people with computer services. The experience helping people with computers will be an assent even though my services have been free. My parents know I am the go to guy for all their electronic needs. I refurbish electronics as a hobby and delight in learning brand-new techno... ... middle of paper ... ...he hardware aspect side of the job so I am open with different work environments. According to the website, there are different computer repair positions the remote tech which I could do easily right now. The bench tech which is the jobs I am interested in. I desire to build computers and electrical devices. I like to add my own style to the computer and I like the talent it takes to build from parts to fulling installed Operation System ready to work. If I can not build then I would like to fix broken computers or upgrade aging rigs this I could surely do as many people have computer problem and many manufacturers have warranties they need to withhold. I would enjoy testing newly installed systems work properly. Replace malfunctioning parts such as video cards in desktop computers or motherboards. Being a help desk would be the easiest of the mix of jobs.

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