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This class has given me the opportunity to work on a real world project as a team. In our team, we have a broad range of technical skills that we use pretty effectively. In our project, we have to create a web application for digitizing the patient intake process. We were able to divide up the tasks based on the technical knowledge that each of us has. For Pratik and Abhjieet, they both have a very strong technical knowledge. Therefore, they were assigned to connect the database with our html pages that I have created. Personally, I haven't had experience with creating webpage using html5 so I actually learn coding in html from doing research online. Even though coding in html isn't as difficult as other programming language, I still encounter many difficulties throughout the way. I was having trouble with the formatting of the html pages and some minor requirements that our client requested. However, I was able to overcome these difficulties through researching online and asking technical professional for advice. The overall presentation of the html pages was enough to present to client as a proof of concept. One of the obstacles that we face as a team is the cancelation of meeting due to our time conflict or our client time conflict. This has causes us to slack off because we have the perception that we were able to catch up after we meet with her. However, we didn't actually meet with her for almost three weeks. This has finally made us realize that we should be moving on with the project even though we aren't having meetings with her. We decided to take the initiative to propose our view on the final deliverables with her and get her feedback on it after talking to our professor. I think that this really helped us as a team to... ... middle of paper ... ...n your documents, you can go back and see what you actually change. A key concept about documentation is to version your document when you modify the document. This can causes confusion in the future especially for large project. This class is definitely on the class that I took the most out of compare to any other class. This class gives us the lecture part and the real world project. This is a very valuable experiences that I have gained from taking this class. I can definitely using all the technical and project management skills that I learn from this class and apply it to my future careers when dealing the project management and SDLC. Our overall project was a well working prototype that we deliver to our client. We know that this is many more that we can do, but we didn't have enough time to complete in a semester time frame for her bigger vision of the scope.

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