Repercussions of Racial Hate

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Repercussions of Racial Hate "I hate lima beans! Mom, please don't make me eat those, they're soo gross!" kids say things like this all the time. Hate, it rolls off the tongue with ease; yet, we do not feel the power it brings. We learn hate at a young age, no matter what background we grow up in. From children of Klansmen to intercity father-less poor kids, and yes even to our seemly protected clean suburbs. Children are so impressionable; if mommy tells you to hate the niggers b/c they're bringing our society down or if daddy says to hate the white man for he's the one holding us down and keeping us moneyless, children will listen and imitate the hatred we portray. It is not only Klansmen and gangbangers than breed hate; it is middle America. Kids see and absorb more than we may give them credit for. The screaming fight between mom and dad that wakes them up at night, even though they stay in bed holding tightly to their stuffed leopard -it too is absorbed and cataloged in their vast mind, only to be pulled up later validating their hatred for whomever they choose to project it onto. Hate, the word it so commonly used that everyday its meaning is lost a little; but the repercussions of its power are seen. From the 12 year old shot at school just blocks from here, to the child who goes home crying because they were called nigger for the first time today (little do they know it is sure not to be the last). The killings in our country have grown exponentially with the age of the murders decreasing rapidly. "School shooting" is now not a shocking phrase to hear on the news --besides the fact that Columbine should not have been such a freaking shock, as that's been going on in the back streets of D.C. and I'm sure other big cities that also have a plethora of black kids and poor public schools, hidden in the dirty corner. And as Eminem (I know, your favorite) said, "When the dude's gettin bullied and shoots up the school, they blame it on Marilyn . . . Where were the parents at? Oh look where it's at, middle America. Now it's a tragedy, now it's so sad to see an upper class havin' this happen" Our society did not pay attention to and grieve over the unnecessary deaths sprung from the excessive hatred in our country, until it manifested itself in our affluent white suburbs.
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