Rental House Inspection Ordinance Case Study

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Over the last 20 years, San Luis Obispo, Ca market for houses have become more of rental homes. About 65% of the homes available are rental homes compared to a nationwide average of 42% (Census, 2010). Some of these rentals homes have become substandard housing, especially for college students who attend Cal Poly and Cuesta College. These substandard housings have created health and safety issues as a result of the overcrowding. These overcrowding houses have decrease the property value due to garages turned into bedrooms, and safety hazards present. The Rental House Inspection Ordinance is a program to check the exterior and interior of rental homes for health and safety issues, to preserve the house stock market and provide a livable and…show more content…
Supporters for this ordinance are in agreement to provide a safe environment for people to live. Stephanie, a representative of President Armstrong, explained that Cal Poly’s main goal from this law is to provide students a healthy and safety environment for students to have secure off campus housing. In addition, this ordinance will educate the tenants about health and safety issues implemented in their current homes. Most people don 't know that there’s a safety issue being violated especially students living on their own for the first time, therefore there are not as many complaints to the city about…show more content…
Karen, a supporter who attended the court hearing, explained that the fear of being evicted from her house, with no where to go, keeps her from complaining to the city about health situations she has encounter in her home. With this ordinance passing, the owners are required to listen to their tenants without proposing any consequences. Moreover, this program will be more reliable source for tenants to fix any violations. Brianna, a San Luis Obispo resident said, “My boyfriend and I made many attempts to contact the landlord due to an infestation of rats and we never a received a call back.” She waited for quite some time before she was able to contact the landlord and fix her problem. Situations like these receive the most immediate solution because it is a major health issue for the

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