Renewable Resources

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Renewable resources are also known as alternative energy sources. Alternative Energy is any source of energy that can be renewed (Issit). Renewable Energies include hydrogen fuel, biomass fuel, hydropower, solar power, geothermic energy, and nuclear power. Hydrogen fuel is an amalgamation of hydrogen and oxygen which is used to produce electricity (Issit). Biomass fuel is made from materials which have already been used, such as compost, and can be used to generate electricity (Issit). Hydropower can be created through moving water or wind to generate electricity (Issit). Using sunlight to produce electricity is called solar power (Issit). Geothermic energy is energy made by the heat under the earth’s mantle (Issit). Nuclear power is energy created by radioactive isotopes’ reactions. Fossil fuel is energy that cannot be reused and is made from the remains of life from millions of years ago (Dictionary). They are not renewable resources, and their abundance is decreasing daily (Issit). Nearly 25% of the fossil fuels in the world are used by the United States of America. The first coal gas electric company was established in Baltimore, MD in 1816 (Issit). Only seven years later, scientists discovered solar power, but the use of fossil fuels was increasing so much that solar power was barely used. In the 1850’s, oil drilling began in Titusville, Pennsylvania, and global exports began in the next decade. In 1908, the Middle Eastern countries, such as Iraq, began drilling for oil and the global export began soon after (Issit). In 1947, political tension between the Middle East and the USA threatened the imports of oil. Today, fossil fuels are causing health issues, and in 2006 only 1200 barrels were expected to be left in the world ... ... middle of paper ...>. Issitt, Micah L. “Alternative Energy Exploration: An Overview.” Points of View: Alternative Energy Exploration. Points of View. Great Neck, 2007. 1-1. Points of View Reference Center. EBSCO. Ann Scott Carell Lib., Nashville. 5 Nov. 2008 . Rich, Alex K. “Point: The Alternative Imperative.” Points of View Reference Center. EBSCO. Ann Scott Carell Lib., Nashville. 4 Mar. 2009 . “Top US Court Rules for Navy in Whale-Sonar Case.” New Scientist: Environment. 12 Nov. 2008. 22 Jan. 2009 . “US Supreme Court Forces EPA Emissions Rethink.” New Scientist: Environment. 2 Apr. 2007. 22 Jan. 2009 .
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