Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future

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Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future


In order to move toward a more sustainable Colorado Springs we must address the system of conventional energy production that fuels the city. Colorado Springs experiences an annual growth rate of 2.5%. The increase in population from year to year results in an increase in the demand for affordable energy. This growing demand in turn places considerable stress on the finite resources that produce this affordable energy. There is a daunting amount of scientific evidence warning people about the environmental and health effects associated with coal-fired power plants, coal mining, and the combustion of natural gas. As we exhaust our finite resources and become increasingly aware of the harm that conventional energy production has inflicted upon our communities, we must look to renewable energy sources. These renewable energy sources provide a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable alternative to coal and natural gas. Obstacles in the way of making the shift from conventional to renewable energy include cost considerations and questions of reliability. Education is the key to overcoming these obstacles. A community that is informed about the drawbacks of conventional energy and the benefits of renewable energy should demand a healthier and more sustainable energy program from Colorado Springs Utilities. We propose to educate the people of Colorado Springs through the formation of a Sustainable Energy Task Force. This task force will increase each individual’s awareness of their impact on the health of the community and environment; and will work with city council and CSU to develop a cohesive Sustainable Energy Plan for Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs is community addicted to cheap energy. Unfortunately, most citizens do not realize the true cost of conventional energy production, which is considerably subsidized by taxpayers. When one factors together the adverse health effects and environmental degradation that result from conventional energy production the cost rises even more dramatically. Customers of Colorado Springs Utilities are unaware of these effects and see coal and natural gas as the cheapest forms of energy available. Although renewable energy appears more expensive at face value, a deeper look reveals an energy source that is much cleaner and more sustainable for future generations. The people of Colorado Springs must be educated about the adverse effects of conventional energy production and the opportunities that renewable energies hold for the future in order to maintain the health of the environment and society of which they are a part.
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