Renewable Energy: The Future Of The Future

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Oxford University researchers predicted a substantial growth in green energy in the next ten to fifteen years to come. This will result in a large decline in the need for fossil fuels. This change is much needed and there is not a better time than now for our country to take the initiative and switch to renewable energy sources. However, the largest renewable energy company in the world just filled for bankruptcy. Is the future for the expansion of renewable energy looking bleak? The answer is obvious. Renewable energy is not implausible but far too expensive in many aspects to compete with massive fossil fuel industry. Despite the fact there is more than enough energy to capture, we have yet to develop the capability to effectively and economically capture and store renewable energy. Joseph Aldy,…show more content…
According to the UCS,” Developing new renewable resources will require large initial investments to build infrastructure.” The costs associated with building the infrastructure will increase the prices of renewable energy. One of the issues with building the infrastructure of the renewable energy will be marketing. The general public must be highly educated on the benefits of renewable energy such as solar or wind and the hazards of fossil fuels. An ad by Oceana intended to do just that. The ad below portrays a very likely and increasingly common scenario. Oil drilling involves many risks, such as the one depicted. The organization portrayed the scenario in a well-known area to create an emotional appeal to the viewer. It’s easy to dissociate yourself from the hazards of natural gas if you do not see the direct effects. This ad places you in the scenario and forces you to put in perspective the damage natural gas can have on the environment. When the effects natural gas has on the environment is put into perspective, viewers are forced to consider alternative
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