Renewable Energy Sources

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In 2000, 90% of the world’s energy came from fossil fuels. According to David Suzuki, “If we want to address global warming, along with the other environmental problems associated with our continued rush to burn our precious fossil fuels as quickly as possible, we must learn to use our resources more wisely, kick our addiction, and quickly start turning to sources of energy that have fewer negative impacts” (Suzuki). If renewable energy use does not take over fossil fuel use, our energy sources will inevitably run out. For the past few decades, governments worldwide have shown that they are ready to invest in renewables and construct new technologies. If governments do not change quickly enough, sooner or later the world will become uninhabitable.
Fossil fuels are the buried remains of animal feces and plants. These remains and plants have been in the ground for millions of years and from the pressure in the ground, they have been converted into the sources of energy that are used today. Fossil fuels originated from the Dinosaur Era hundreds of millions of years ago. Although, fossil fuels may give off billions of tons of carbon emissions each year, it is still used because it is the easiest energy source that is extractable and usable today. (Sohn)
India is one of the largest energy consumers in the world. 300 million people still do not have access to electricity. But there is one renewable energy source that can save this country. Solar energy. In the next few years, solar energy growth will hit 22%. This field is growing at such a rapid pace, so why not use that as an advantage to supply electricity and supply energy demand. (“Renewable Energy Can Tide”)
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