Renewable Energy : Fossil Fuels

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Renewable energy is the key to replacing the use of fossil fuels, by increasing the use of natural resources to power energy sources. By promoting the use of renewable energy it would result in a decrease in negative environmental impacts. Fossil fuels are the main contributor to global warming, air pollution, acid rain, and oil spills (Pacific Environment, 2014). The dependence upon fossil fuels for energy has created a major environmental catastrophe, resulting in the loss of many ecosystems. As stated in Ibraham Dincer’s review; if humanity expects to continuously depend upon energy systems the environmental impacts need to be contemplated rather than pushed aside (Dincer, 2000). By implementing eco-friendly electricity technologies the damage will not be reversed but it can help to prevent from increasing the severity of the destruction. Not only are fossil fuels deteriorating the earth but the supply is declining. Renewable energy instills hope in light of a sustainable future regarding the production and consumption of energy. In recent years, much research has been done to improve the cost, and maintenance of these renewable projects. Although renewable energy sources are considered eco-friendly they also contain factors that result in negative impacts on the environment. This paper will discuss the environmental implications of solar panels, hydroelectric dams, and wind turbines. It will address these impacts in relation to the implications of fossil fuel technologies. Solar Panels are the most common type of the renewable energy technologies. They have the ability to generate enough energy that it could play a key role in making Canada’s energy completely sustainable (Branker, Pathak, & Pearce, 2011). Reports show that ... ... middle of paper ... ...ure. As technology and research improves the implications associated with solar power, wind turbines, and water turbines will dissipate. This transition away from fossil fuels will initiate a great change for the environment, but will require an innovative approach. Unfortunately current renewable energy technologies are associated with many unknown risks that make it difficult for people to commit to using them. As more research is conducted on the impacts of these sources available most information will lead to better approaches of implementing these technologies into communities. Hopefully it will result in more people leaning away from the use of fossil fuels and towards green, clean energy production. Although solar panels, wind turbines, and hydroelectric dams have environmental implications they can contribute to reducing the global dependence on fossil fuels.
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