Renewable Energy Essay

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Imagine if the world most reliable energy resource, wind power, runs out. What would happen? What would be a good energy resource to replace? Energy is the ability for objects to cause movement and change. Without energy, nothing can be possible. There can’t be electricity, light, or anything that people needs today. Even the smallest and most unimportant actions such as switching the lights off, turning the television on, and flushing the toilet still takes up a specific amount of energy, no matter how much we try to conserve it. Energy comes from many different objects, things, and in many forms. There are two types of energy, renewable and non-renewable energy. Renewable energy resources are ones that are able to produce again. Non-renewable energy is resources that aren’t able to produce again. Wind power, which is the most common renewable energy resource in the world today, is used widely all over the world. If the wind power runs out, hydropower should be replaced as the next most important energy resource because of environmental safety. Hydropower, which indicates to using water to generate energy, is an easy way to receive energy. The first advantage of hydropower is that no air or water pollutants are produced. The water that is used to produce energy does not pollute the water or air by producing waste. Hydropower also does not use water, all of the water is returned to where it first came from. Hydropower also avoids greenhouse gases. No greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are produced, making this energy source environmental friendly. Hydropower prevents from causing danger of global warming. It also saves natural resources. Fossil fuels aren’t needed for hydropower. The prices of fossil fuels nowadays are ris... ... middle of paper ... ...ater, created by hydropower often provide advantages for watersports such as windsurfing and waterskiing. The large dams that are used for hydropower, can also control floods, which is a benefit for the people living downstream of the reservoirs. In conclusion, using hydropower, as the world’s main energy resource is a smart idea because it doesn’t create pollution, it has better flexibility and suitability for industrial applications and it’s the most efficient way of creating energy. Currently, the amount of energy we use everyday is a lot. People might not realize it but even the tiniest action we do, takes up energy. Using hydropower as an energy resource would make the earth a lot more environmental. It will also give better opportunities and benefits for the factories. Therefore, hydropower should be replaced or used to receive energy other than wind power.

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