Renewable Energy Benefits

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Energy it’s what makes the modern world work and what every human on this planet relies on. The energy crisis is clouded with fossil fuels that we use every day without think about their consequences. Energy can be obtained without burning fossil fuels that release global warm emissions into the atmosphere. Renewable energy is the future of energy and also helps create a new job market and millions of jobs. Renewable energy also helps reduce and prevent any more damage to our planet’s atmosphere, But people still ask the age old question of is renewable energy really worth it? Renewable energy is worth it because it reduces global warming emissions, brings economic benefits to many regions, and it is completely sustainable.
Renewable energy
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The renewable energy industry supports the American job market and creates a more bountiful job market and ultimately creates more jobs. More than 190,000 people worked in solar related industries in 2012 and 75,000 fulltime workers were employed in the wind energy industries as well. Not only does the renewable energy industry help the job market but it also creates investments in the U.S economy. In 2012 wind power made up 42 percent of all new U.S electric capacity additions, representing a $25 billion dollar investment in the U.S economy. Renewable energy projects also pay property and income taxes that help support states and local communities. For example wind projects in Iowa, which now generate more than 20% of its electricity with wind, provided $19.5 million dollars in annual property tax payments to the state and local governments in 2011. Also the development of renewable energy outperforms fossil fuels in two important ways. One way being that renewable energy development is labor intensive so it creates more jobs per dollar invested. The second way that renewable energy outperforms fossil fuels is that installing renewable energy facilities uses local workers so most of the investment dollars stay in the local communities. So if we switch to renewable energy sources not only are we helping the environment, but we are also creating a more bountiful job…show more content…
All energy from renewable sources such as wind, water, the sun, biomass, and geothermal energy are all inexhaustible and clean. Fossil fuels are very dirty and produce carbon dioxide which is harmful to the environment, but fossil fuels are also a non-renewable resource. The fossil fuel supply will one day inevitably run out which would leave an energy dependent world without its number one source of energy. Renewable resources are one hundred percent sustainable and can never be exhausted. This is the biggest thing that renewable energy has to offer the world. With renewable energy the world won’t have to worry about an energy supply that is slowly running out because with renewable sources of energy the supply will never run out. So if we completely switch our power dependency from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy not only will we eliminate the damage cause by the burning of fossil fuels, but it will also alleviate the fear of losing our number one source of energy. This is the biggest advantage that renewable energy offers the world and is the final crucial reason as to why I believe that renewable energy is worth
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