Renewable Energy

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The most of global energy production produces from fossil fuel such as coal, oil and natural gas. The vast fossil fuels generate energy which use for many purposes for instant residential, transportation and industrial sectors. While the rate consumption of fossil fuel higher than their formation leads to oil price crisis. Another concern of fossil fuel combustion is the impact on the environment. Global warming is a significant problem which results in increasing concentrations of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. These problems drive researchers and societies to search alternative energy such as switching to renewable energy or carbon-free energy to replace fossil fuels. For example Nakata et al., (2011:465) show ‘low-carbon society’ that is designed to use less fossil fuel. According to Verbruggen et al., (2010:852) define renewable energy ‘is obtained from the continuing or repetitive currents of energy occurring in the natural environment’ such as wind and biomass. Many countries accept carbon-free energy as alternative energy, and are trying to develop and apply new technologies that will enable them to use renewable energy sources in the most efficient way. However switching to carbon-free energy argued that is an unrealistic way. This essay aims to assess the differences in opinion between supports and argues of renewable energy that switching to carbon-free energy is unrealistic. Firstly consider about employing renewable energy. Secondly evaluate the sustainable development of biofuel and wind energies. Finally conclude arguments on potential renewable energy to replace fossil fuels.

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...f renewable energy or carbon-free debate and argument. This essay has attempted to evaluate the potential renewable energy both in terms of sustainable development and reducible global warming. Renewable energy such as biofuel and wind energy can be seen as a safe, reliable and cost effective alternative to using fossil fuels for energy security. However the development of green energy has drawbacks so funds for research and develop for chance from lab-scale products into commercial products should be provided and these fuels will become increasingly expensive to use. Clearly more could be done to produce carbon-free energy and more efficient and reduced environmental impacts. Also awareness of the advantages of renewable energy has been steadily growing and it is expected that the share of renewable energy in the total generation capacity will increase in future.
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