Renal System Research Paper

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Renal System 1 Kidneys have important roles in maintaining health and making our lives easier everyday. It is located near the middle of your back, just below the rib cage. Functions of the kidneys include extracting wastes from the blood and balancing body fluids from the urine. Most of kidney diseases attack the nephrons, which is the functional units of the kidney. This damages causes kidney malfunctions for example, medicines, genetic problems and injuries. One of the major kidney problems that we face every day is Acute Renal Failure also called the Acute Kidney Injury which basically is that kidneys have suddenly stopped working and as I said earlier, our kidneys excrete waste products and balances fluids in our blood, so imagine not having a perfectly working kidney, it could cause serious problems in our body that could also be fatal. Acute renal failure causes can be classified as pre-renal, intra-renal or post renal. Intrarenal Acute renal failure are those that directly attack the kidney such as an infection, glumerulonephritis, and diabetes. A common intrarenal condition is the acute tubular necrosis, where epithelial layers of the nephrons become damaged leading to changes in urine concentration, waste filtration, electrolytes and acid base balance. There are three phases of acute tubular necrosis they are initiation, maintenance usually last one to two weeks, and recovery phase where patients will be put on diuretics and will have a slow return of renal function. Patients that are at risk of developing ATN are patients that have azot... ... middle of paper ... ...lp us be free of acute renal failure. To be an effective nurse to these patients, always put ourselves in their position and think, what if I have this? Or what if my one your family members has this. It will make us want to care for our patients more. Always give them the care and importance that they need. Renal system 6 Given the life that I have right now makes me realize how fortunate I am that I am healthy and able to function normally everyday, we should always be thankful and give importance to our body because it does a lot for us. Love and respect our body, and remembering that everything we do, because in the end we are not just harming ourselves but we are also hurting the people that care for us.
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