Renal Sarcoidosis Case

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Remicade and renal sarcoidosis case Requested dosing: Remicade (infliximab) 500 mg IV every 4 weeks Indication: Renal sarcoidosis Patient was previously treated with Remicade for sarcoidosis and had experienced some relief. After two weeks this benefit subsided and the patient has since then not improved. The initial dosing frequency of the Remicade was Q6W. The patient has a relative contraindication to corticosteroids due to diabetes. While Remicade is not FDA approved for sarcoidosis, there is an off-label indication for its use in this condition. TNF is thought to contribute to granuloma formation and therefore use of TNF-alpha inhibitors are a reasonable treatment strategy. Review of Remicade dosing options in sarcoidosis: The
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