Renaissance Figures

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The Renaissance is known as the period of “rebirth” for in this time people started questioning ideas, traditions and institutions also humanism was starting to become an idea. With each of these causes are different effects for example when people started question ideas this lead to people starting to explore the new world. When people started questioning tradition of the church they started to reform against the church, even when people started to have humanistic thoughts and stared to challenge things. But with all this happening there became famous writers, authors, Philosophers and artist, Michelangelo Buonarroti being one of the famous artists along with Ben Jonson a writer
Michelangelo Buonarroti was born1475 in the small town of Caprese, in Tuscany. Although he was born in a small town Michelangelo always considered himself a "son of Florence.” When Michelangelo was young his father recognized his intelligent and sent him to the school of a master, Francesco Galeota from Urbino, who in that time taught grammar to the young Michelangelo. Michelangelo soon made friends with a...
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