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The Northern European Renaissance and The Italian Renaissance were the significant time periods, and they have also paved the way for several civilizations. However, these time periods have many similarities as well as differences.
The social and cultural similarities between the Northern European Renaissance and The Italian Renaissance are that both of them have chosen the religious figures and stories of Christianity as their basic artistic premise. Religion was given importance in the work in both time periods. Both the eras have indicated the religious events as a mean of showing their love and affection for the religion. Adam Creation by Michelangelo and The Last Super by Leonardo da Vinci are the clear examples of this fact in Italian Renaissance, and Mystic Lamb by Hubert Van Eyck and Jan and Adam and Eve by Albrecht Durer are the dominant examples of the Northern European Renaissance (Snyder). Another major similarity between Italian Renaissance and Northern European Renaissance is that during the fifteenth century both had a specific artistic centre. In Italy, Republic of Florence was popular among the artists for inspiration and innovation, whereas in the North, Flanders was appreciated as their artistic hub. Furthermore, another similarity between both of them was the Guild system. At that time, Guilds were regarded as the best actions taken by a man for crafting, painting, and making the saddles. However, the training for any specialty was lengthy and involved sequential process and steps.
The social and cultural differences between the Northern European Renaissance and The Italian Renaissance are that the Northern European Renaissance was held on on the architecture and art of Gothic or the middle Ages. It also ha...

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...o focus on how the art looked like. The Italian art has displayed religion, spiritual figures e.g., Jesus, their beliefs of heaven and has represented ancient legendary beings.
All in all, there are many differences between the two periods, but they have introduced many innovative techniques, ideas and even introduced new religions that are still in use and are studied today.

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