Removing English 100/101 Capstone

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English 100/101, usually a student’s first real look into what they are getting themselves into for the rest of their college days. Being an introductory course it is thought that they wouldn’t overload a student with more than they can handle, which throughout the semester, is true. Although on the first day an assignment is brought up which is the Capstone. The Capstone seems simple enough, as it is the final paper handed in for the semester. But in reality, the Capstone holds so much more weight than what is originally thought. If the Capstone paper does not receive at least a two (out of a one-three grading scale) from the panel of teachers reading it, then no matter how well the student did in the class the rest of the semester, that student does not get to go on to English 102. Being a first year, that puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on an already new and sometimes stressful situation. Therefore, the English Board should remove the Capstone from the curriculum of English 100/101.
The main reason for dropping this assignment is the idea that it carries way to much weight with it. A single paper should not have the power to pass or fail a student regardless of how well they performed throughout the rest of the semester. If a student is so focused on the idea that they may not pass in the end all because of this one paper then they may not preform to the best of their abilities the rest of the time. On the other hand, the student may become too focused on this paper because they don’t want to fail, but in turn may start to ignore other work or studying that has to be done to insure that they pass. And if they don’t, then that is possibly turn out to be more than one class that they have to retake, all because of a final pap...

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...important as that is, there are other ways to check and make sure that the students work is where it needs to be to move on to the next step rather than using a pass/fail paper.
To reiterate, the English Board should remove the English 100/101 Capstone and use a more well-rounded method. Using a method, like used for the ACT, to where students come in at a scheduled final time and are asked to write a paper on a topic using the material that they learned throughout the semester right there in class would do a few things to help. This method would just add the final paper into their overall scores so that it is like another class. It would also insure that everything they turn in is coming from their own heads and not from someone else’s. The English Board should take these into consideration. This would make English 100/101 more enjoyable and less of a stressor.
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