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During my observation hours, I watched two movies named Remember the Titans and Higher Learning. In Remember the Titans, Just before the state semi-finals, Yoast is told by a member of the school board that he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame after the Titans lose one game, implying he wants Boone to be fired over his race' class='brand-secondary'>race. During the game, it becomes apparent that the referees are biased against the Titans. Yoast warns the head official that he will go to the press and expose the scandal unless it is refereed fairly. The Titans win, but Yoast is told that his actions have resulted in his loss of candidacy for induction. My initial reaction was “you have to be kidding me”. I felt like I could not live in a time where blacks and white…show more content…
After Knocko calls out a racial slur, Fudge, Malik, Dreads, and another black student start a gang fight with the white power skinheads, beating them. At the underground skinheads’ dorm, Scott says that Remy 's posturing means nothing, and only actions do. He then shows Remy a sniper rifle and challenges him to action. The alienated and warped Remy agrees to kill for the white race. Remy has moved to the rooftop of a nearby building with the sniper rifle and prepares to open fire on the students. Erik stands lookout while the other racist skinheads attack a gay couple to distract security. Remy is obviously having trouble with doing this, but acquiesces when pushed by Scott who tells him to "do it for the Aryan Nation". He opens fire on the Peace Fest, causing a riot. An unnamed student is killed, and Deja is shot in the stomach. I felt overwhelmed, sad, shocked that a student would murder innocent people just to prove his loyalty. However, starting a gang fight did not help the situation. This event is bad because if racial groups start this method of “proving yourself”, ethnic controversy will be on a rise. My future expectations are to end school shootings while promoting unity. Ultimately, racism can have physical consequences such as violence. Moreover, racial conflicts occur because of social stereotypes and not scientific facts. Racist usually plea the concept of biological differences to support unjust social

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