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Remember the Titans is a sport/drama film based on a true story about a desegregated football team in Alexander, Virginia. The film begins with T.C Williams High School hiring an African American head coach to lead the new desegregated team. The movie starts off with a lot of racial conflict between both the coaches and the teammates, however, they learn to look pass each other’s racial difference and work together to come out on top as the most undefeated football team in Virginia. In the beginning of the film, the players did not exhibit any effective and appropriate communication skills, except for two players, Louie a white team member and Rev a black team member. While coming from different backgrounds, they managed to understand each…show more content…
Everyone was filled with anger, hatred, and separation. The beginning stage forming, is suppose to be about when a team or group first meet each other, they are expected to display a sense of politeness or excitement, however, for the Titans it was the complete opposite. There wasn’t much politeness nor excitement, everyone was filled with hatred and they exhibited rudeness towards each other. The storming stage for the Titans resulted in a lot of altercations and arguments. Storming, there were so much conflict between the players, they refused to work together, have reason, and they refused to listen to what the other person had to say. Norming, when the disagreement among the team players increased the coaches decided to become stricter. The players hated the more workouts and running they had to do, so they decided to resolve their differences and learned to respect one another. Performing, from hating each other to respecting each other, the teams hard work towards forming a family team and an amazing football team payed off. The team worked together as one to achieve their goal of becoming undefeatable In terms of norm and conformity, the Titans exhibited implicit norms in which they expressed attitudes of respect towards each other. They created rules toward behaving respectable and as a team. In conformity, the team displayed loyalty to each other. Supporting and accepting the differences of each others culture, in which, helped build a group of respectable and confident young men, that goal was once to achieve winning trophies, but in the end, their goal was to create

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