Reliving Past Life Experience Essay

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“Why do we need to relive past life experiences?” “In my research, I have found that the issues people are dealing with now often have roots based on an earlier life that extends into this life. If not resolved, they will possibly carry them into a future life.” “So people have more than one life?” “Many do. What I’m going to tell you now is strictly my opinion, not fact.” “I understand.” “I believe we repeat circumstances to get a ‘redo’ in a sense until we can correct whatever issue we left unresolved.” “What if nothing happens while I’m under hypnosis?” “Then it means one of two things. Either you did not have a previous life or you don’t want to remember it at this time. Are you ready to begin?” “I guess. What do I need to do?” “Just lay…show more content…
It’s right in front of me.” “This is the gateway to your past. When you are ready, turn the doorknob and open the door. Tell me what you see.” “There are stone buildings and massive columns that are laid out in a grid pattern. Further off, I can see boats in the Great Harbor.” “Where are you?” “I am in the garden of the royal palace.” “And where is that?” “In the capital city of Alexandria.” “Can you tell me what year is it?” “It is 298, of course.” “Can you tell me if you are a male or female?” She looked down and could see feminine hands clasped in her lap. She wore a linen dress with a colorful band around the waist, and on dainty feet were leather sandals. “I am female.” “And what is your name?” “Ptolemais.” She sat on a stone bench in the center of the garden. The palace guards stood at attention watching. The slaves scurried around doing their daily duties. The hot sun beat down upon the earth, its stifling heat as oppressive as her mood. A feeling of overwhelming grief weighed heavy on her heart. “What are your parent’s names?” “I am the daughter of Ptolemy I and Eurydice.” “How old are you?” “I am fifteen.” “I see you are crying. Are you hurt?” “My heart is breaking.” “Why?” “Leonidas is…show more content…
The year my new life began.” “Why have you come there?” “I fell in love with Sean O’Malley completely by accident. He came to New Orleans to do business with my father and we were instantly attracted to each other. He has helped me to escape my horrible husband, Francois Dumas.” “Why did you have to escape?” “My husband likes to torture those who defied him and it is my nature to give in if it is against my values.” “Why did you marry this man if he is so vile?” “My father arranged my marriage to Francois, who was his gambling associate. I recently discovered the real reason for my forced wedding.” “And what was it?” “I was a puppet used to repay my father’s gambling debts. I loosely use the word father.” The scene played out as a motion picture just as Dr. Bernard said it would. Only she was not the viewer but a participant. She held her son, Patrick, close to her breast as her father came through the door. Looking into his angry face made her heart sink and fear rose to the surface. She ran back to the nursery to put Patrick in his crib and returned to confront her father. “Why have you come here, Father? She defiantly inquired but with a quivering
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