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I attended a Wesleyan church service in Sandy Lake as a religious event, and will comparing it to my normal church service of Christianity service in my hometown of Grassflat, PA. There were many aspects of the religious services that were different, such as the clothing worn, music sang, and setting. I also experienced many things that were unique to what I was used too. Many aspects of the service also appealed to me, while some parts of the service were unappealing to me. It also relates to many things that I have learned in Western Humanities thus far. Church services have went from a group setting to a more individualized approach to better fit the way people want to worship God.
There were many differences between the two services. During the Christianity service, it started at 9 AM and lasted roughly one hour, and a priest would stand between the two rows of pews and give his service. Towards the end of the service we would all walk to the front to receive bread and wine. They were dressed in robes with a cross around their necks. The church itself was very elaborate and featured stained glass windows with artistic designs on them, and a big sculpture of Jesus at the front of the church. There were also many flowers scattered around an altar. The music that was played was very soft and based off a piano. The only people that sang were people in the pews. This is very different from my recent experience at the Wesleyan church. The service here did not begin until 11 AM. Also, the pews were shaped in a semicircle with the priest being surrounded by people. The priest did not dress up fancy, but just were casual clothing. The same goes for the other people that attend. This was different for me because I am used to dressing...

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...much happier with the freedom to believe in Jesus whichever way they want. That is the most important thing for many people. In Western Humanities I also learned that there were not many opportunities to be free about choices made religiously, but now there is a big variety of churches around the area.
In conclusion, there has been a big change in the way that people worship god from ancient times to now. When I went to a Wesleyan church service, I experienced something totally different from my usual Christian service. The people dress differently, the music is performed differently, and the setting is different. This leads me to believe there is a big variety out there for people. Many elements of the service were appealing while some elements were unappealing. In the end, what I have learned so far in Western Humanities helped me relate to these observations.
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