Religious Conflict in Muslim Countries

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While the Western world today is mainly interested in radical Islam and its posing a serious challenge to civil liberties as well as democratic countries all over the world, Muslim countries are to bipolarities within themselves. One of the most expressed forms of the conflict in many Muslim countries today takes place between secular and Islamic discourse. While the secular wing of the debate is sometimes represented the state elite, the media and / or the military, the Islamic language best expressed between the religious and social groups, if the chance given, in the political parties within the state structure. Secularization is one of the essential political issues in International Relations theory and practice. The separation of the religion from state is a highly politicized decision. The religion/politics negotiation is a fluid site of authority with complex relations to the state system, the global economy, international ethics and other more heavily theorized locations of power in international relations. Nowadays, Islamic societies find themselves face-to face the inevitable challenges of secularization in the modern world. It should be stressed that secularization is a relatively new phenomenon. It began in Western Europe and has spread throughout world. Fast and accurate form has changed so much from place to place, depending on a host of political, sociology, economics, and others. The world’s religions have adopted different responses to it, usually with a mixture adaptation and self-defense is designed to meet the new conditions. In short, societies show different ways to meet the secularizing trends. Accordingly, the impact of modern Western the cultures on Islamic societies have created an interesting debate th... ... middle of paper ... .... Vietnamese people has the freedom right follow any religion which he or she wants, but that religion doesn’t affect to the government, political, cultural and social of Vietnam. But if you break, you will punish. There are many people who create the superstition which made the citizens have a blind confidence and oppose the government. They come to other countries and they said that they don’t have the rights of citizenship; they are repressed by Vietnam’s government. But in the fact, they always think the way entice people to oppose the government. Works Cited
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