Religious Conflict Due to Immigration

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Religious Conflict due to Immigration

America is now known as one of the most religiously diverse nations that the world has today, but it hasn’t always been that way. This diversity is directly related to immigration from other nations who were escaping persecution for their particular religion. Over time, people became more accepting of the other religions and out diversity grew. In the late 1800s, immigration caused a big conflict with all of the different religions, but this conflict ended up helping create the religious diversity that we have now.

At this point in time, religion is fully a part of America’s culture about 92% of all Americans believe that there is some sort of God or higher power. If you ask people if they are 100% certain that there is a God that number decreases to about 70%. When it comes to asking people if they have a religion you would have about 83% of the population and about half of these people consider their religion to be a major part of their lives. If this is the statistic about religion in America now, it is hard not to wonder what it would have been like in the past when immigration was at one of its peaks, and the main reason these people came to America was for religious freedom.

Most of the religious diversity in America can be attributed to immigration. This didn’t really pick up until the late 1800s. People from all over the world started coming to America to escape persecution in their homeland. Within a period of 30 years, 1860 through 1890, about 10 million immigrants came over to the United States. In the next 15 years, 1890-1914, that number increased to 15 million people. A good majority of these people came from southern and eastern Europe, these immigrants usually landed on the...

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