Religious Art And Religion Essay

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Art work is a way to express views of a culture without words. Religion plays an important part when reflecting about certain art work. Religious ideas, stories and beliefs heavily influence art and architecture. Religious art and architecture work to transform or enhance the view of the observers. They are painted pictures of past events that help bring back the feeling and importance of the past. Art allows viewers to see the event's as the bible or other religious documents. It is important to realize that visually seeing something allows more of a population to understand the events. Religious art lifts the spirit and brings peace within through a beautiful visual way. Relgious ideas of life after death presented in art/architecture helps people believe of life after this one. It doesn't matter the religion Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism all use art/architecture to share their stories that represent their views. Each one has a past that they're proud of because it depicts who and what they stand for as a religion.
Chartres Cathedral located outside Paris is one of the greatest achievements in the history of architecture. The Cathedral exemplifies the aspects of Gothic art and is a Christian building built in 1100’s. Partly built starting in 1145, and then of 1194 brought on a 27 year reconstruction period. Chartres Cathedral marks the high point of French Gothic art. Throughout its excitsestic the popularity of the Cathedral has grown and has been a major pilgrimage destination. Chartres Cathedral has housed the tunic of the Blessed Virgin Mary( Sancta Camisia). The relic was said to have been given to the cathedral by Charlemagne, who received it as a gift during a trip to Jerusalem. Because of this relic, Ch...

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... out, even though fire touched it not! It is light upon light. God guideth whom He will to His light, and God setteth forth parables to men, for God knoweth” (Cleveland Art Musuem). This is important peace that represents worship for a Religion.
Religion is an idea or belief that is strongly instilled into someone’s character and culture. What viewers see when worshipping or at a sacrament can affect their mindset. Religious art and architecture work to change or transform viewers through symbolism and stories. The way a situation is depicted in art can affect the view of a subject. An example would be the Crucifix with Scenes of the Passion focusing on the triumph of Jesus the Savior of Mankind alive on the cross depicted without severs suffrage. Art and architecture allow for religion to carry on through historic pieces that becomes more important than words.
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