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Christianity Christianity is the most popular religion, it has 2 billion people practicing it. People who practice Christianity live in Europe with 80% of the majority living in the United States and Canada. When Christianity began it was a cult with origins from Judaism with Jesus of Nazareth as the cult leader. Jesus had a message stating faith and love is the most ultimate and would defeat sin and death. Christianity is known as monotheism which is a belief in one heavenly authority which in Christianity is God/Jesus/the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the most heavenly because of what happened to him and how he was killed. People of high political power thought he was a threat and had him put on trial in Jerusalem and he was sentenced to be killed (Pearson Custom Sociology). Jesus was crucified which means he was nailed or tied up to a cross. Crucifixion is the most ultimate form of pain. People who are crucified are not only forced to carry their own cross to their gravesite but they also undergo torturing and suffering (Fairchild). People who are crucified are asked if they would like a combination of gall, vinegar and myrrh to help with the pain. Myrrh is a spice that is used to anoint the dead and is also used in the creation of medication and perfume and when Jesus died they put myrrh with the body (Zavada). Jesus had people who followed him and 12 of them were chosen to be his disciples. The 12 were Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Nathanael, Matthew, Thomas, James the Less, Simon the Zealot, Thaddeus, and Judas and all twelve of these men are mentioned in the bible (Fairchild, The 12 Apostles). These twelve men talked about and spread the word of God and Christianity all over the Mediterranean area. At first the Roman ... ... middle of paper ... ...ansfusions and list their medical wishes (Ethics). Works Cited Islam. 2008-2014. 23 April 2014. animism. 2014. 24 April 2014. Beliefs. 29 September 2009. 26 April 2014. Customs. 29 September 2009. 26 April 2014. Ethics. 29 September 2009. 27 April 2014. Fairchild, Mary. Roman Crucifixion. 2014. 17 April 2014. —. The 12 Apostles. 2014. 22 April 2014. Holy Days. 29 September 2009. 27 April 2014. Jehovah's Witnesses. 2004-2014. 25 April 2014. Jehovah's Witnesses at a glance. 29 September 2009. 25 April 2014. Organisation. 29 September 2009. 27 April 2014. Passover. 9 July 2009. 24 April 2014. Pearson Custom Sociology. Boston: Pearson Learning Solutions, 2013. Religion Library: Christianity . 2008-2014. 22 April 2014. Trinity. 2014. 25 April 2014. What does Kosher Mean. n.d. 24 April 2014. Zavada, Jack. What is Myrrh? 2014. 21 April 2014.

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