Religions of the World

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Religions of the World

Since the creation of The Church of Jesus Christ of The Latter-Day

Saints, there have been many controversies concerning the similarities

and differences between Mormonism and Catholicism, Christianity and

Protestantism. Other than the obvious, that Catholicism, Christianity

and Protestantism believe that there are no more prophets, and Mormons

believe that there are still prophets walking the earth today,

differences between the faiths range in varying ways. The Church's

founder, Joseph Smith, was born a Protestant and put his beliefs into

the foundations of Mormonism. Other than this, the faiths are very

different. Mormonism differs from other faiths in several different

ways, making it one of the most unique religions in Western Culture.

To begin with, Mormonism is the only religion to send their members

out to spread the word of the church door to door. Typically young

men, they introduce themselves as Elder someone. The title signifies

that they have the higher of the two Mormon priesthoods, the

"Melchizedek" order. At around 18, as long as he has conformed to the

standards of the church, every male is supposed to be honored with

priesthood. The lower of the two priesthoods is the "Aaronic", which

is sub-categorized into deacon, teacher and priest. It is chiefly

concerned with temporal affairs, while the "Melchizedek" priesthood

deals with spiritual affairs. The "Melchizedek" is sub-categorized

into elder, seventy and high priest (Distinctive Beliefs of the Mormon

Church). Whereas in Catholicism, a person is called to priesthood by

God and must be ordained by a Bishop. The presbyterate and the


... middle of paper ... make The Church of Jesus Christ of

The Latter-Day Saints different from other religions.

All these difference make Mormonism different to predominant religions

in North America. Mormonism is growing phenomenally in the US,

illustrating that people see something new and unique in the church.

Comparing The Church of Jesus Christ of The Latter-Day Saints to other

religions is unfair, even "Gordon B. Hinckley, the current president

and prophet of the Mormon church, says (in a booklet called What of

the Mormons?) that he and his co-religionists 'are no closer to

Protestantism than they are to Catholicism.'" (Distinctive Beliefs of

the Mormon Church) Through unique differences, the Mormon Church has

managed to establish itself and escape religious persecution, which

they used to suffer, and become accepted in the world.

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