Religion of Moby Dick

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Religion in Moby Dick Throughout Herman Melville’s extensive works of literature, there is one novel in particular in which religion is explored. Moby-Dick delves into religious themes not heard of everyday. These themes within Moby-Dick include ideals such as paganism and other unorthodox practices. These themes create a sense of reflection to that of the personal experiences that have happened to Herman Melville himself. There are two prevailing religious beliefs held aboard the Pequod, Paganism and Christianity. There are also many religious analogies to be made with the characters contained within Moby-Dick such as Starbuck and Ishmael. Finally, Moby Dick is viewed as the embodiment of certain sins and draws out the darker sides of human nature. Overall, the religious themes within Moby-Dick reflect the personal experiences and beliefs of Herman Melville. Within Moby-Dick, religion is heavily used as a staple of maintaining relationships aboard the Pequod. Although there are pagans and an agnostic aboard the Pequod, Ishmael stays true to his Christian ways to a certain extent. B...

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