Religion in Myths

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Religion in Myths The reasoning behind this compassion of women is that the possess a fundamental religiosity and the cult of the female deity. It draws upon the idea of a earth mother that protects all humankind. The female was seen as loving and caring. The female instinct for protection is also seen in the myth of Daedalus and Icarus. The goddess Minerva intervenes in the conflict in a maternally manner to protect the younger male. Daedalus was a famous inventor from Athens who designed the labyrinth in Crete for King Minos. He and his son, Icarus, ended up in exile in the labyrinth for fear they would divulge the secrets to the maze. They were blocked by the land and water, but Daedalus realized the sky was open. He channeled his creative energy into defying the laws of nature. He created a pair of wings from feathers, twine, and wax to replicate those of a bird. As he fit the wings onto Icarus’ shoulders he instructed him to fly a middle course to avoid the water and the sun. In the excitement of flying the boy flew too close to the sun causing the wax on his wings to melt. Icarus then plummeted to his death in the dark waters of what later became known as the Icarian Sea. Despite the fate of Icarus, Daedalus’ sister sent her son, Perdix, to apprentice with the elder. Perdix was only twelve but he was... ... middle of paper ... ... Looking at the reasons why the transformations occurred brings up more similarities among the three myths. The prominent theme is jealousy. There is a strong same gender struggle in which jealousy and anxiety are the driving force. Each of the stories also teaches a lesson, which is the primary reason for myths. By connecting the psychological thought behind the actions in these myths it is evident that the Greek culture had transitioned between matriarichal and patriarchal societies. The influence of religion was heavy on daily life. This demonstrates the idea that myths are symbolic stories that show the inner meanings of the universe and human life.
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