Religion in Ancient Societies

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According to the study of human culture, the human relatives (also known as hominids) date back to 100,000 years ago. What distinguished between the humans and animals were the uniquely human concept that humans can feel and think. One of those thoughts and feelings was about the sacred. Hominids looked up to something big but feared at the same time. Dating all the way back from the Paleolithic Era, religion has always taken a significant role in many societies such as Mesopotamians, Egyptians and the Greeks. The similarity of all three ancient societies was that it was a polytheistic religion but the differences were their centers, physical orientation of gods and the jobs of the divine right.
Centers were extraordinary sacred places, which was one of the functions that made up a civilization. It was a place where all the important things occurred. Centers were made up of expensive materials like stones, bricks, marbles etc. and always had a difficulty approach. The first center was built in Mesopotamia and they were called ziggurats. These religious buildings had a precinct on the outer layer with a center of power (who ever controlled the center, controlled the people). The ziggurat’s difficulty of approach was its extremely immense and tedious staircases. Egyptian’s centers were pyramids. Rulers spent many assets, slave and free labor and time to create this showpiece for funerals and religious ceremonies. These pyramid architectures stand hundreds of feet tall like The Pyramid of Giza, which stand taller than a skyscraper. Moving on to the Greeks, their centers were built on the summit of the acropolis. Marbled temples were built on top and it was a great source of defense.

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...Punishments varied depending on criminals/victim’s status. Free men were punished lightly versus slaves. Mesopotamian religion established a system of fines. The Pharaoh’s job in Ancient Egypt, was not to make everyone equal but to make everyone respect the gods and to keep control of social order. He composed himself and was collected just like the Nile River. Greek religion established a system of ethics. They had reciprocity where for an example, if a farmer honored the gods then his crops will flourish. It was everyone’s responsibility to maintain justice and if not, the gods will punish everyone for failure to penalize.
All three ancient civilizations were very similar due to its belief in many gods. The factors of the sacred sanctuaries, physical characteristics of the gods and the divinity of the kings are what differentiates and separates the civilizations.
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