Religion in Africa is Versatile, Varying and Abundant

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Religions in Africa span far beyond the common confines accepted within the western barriers in terms of religion. While Western religion is often separated, overpowering, or distinct within its own borders, African religion may be versatile, as well as varying and abundant. Many different factors go into the religious practices of African people, and this specific location is well known for their diversity and deep dedication to their specific religious practices. There are also specific distinctions between the common religions based on geographical locations from North to South.
To begin, it must be clear that religions within Africa extend beyond the reach of modern religions and traditions, and while individuals are being converted every day, there are still traces within the lives of African people that are rooted in the pre-modern religions of the area. Many of these religions are marked by single deities having rule over lesser deities, sacrifices, and prayer. While these are not the only qualities, they are prevalent within many different religions among the indigenous people from before modern religion made its way into the area. While these practices have not died out, they are becoming less of a factor in everyday life, but there are bits and pieces dispersed throughout life from these religions. They often accompany modern religious practices, as they are rooted within the culture, and may be viewed as supplemental to the religion rather than having a distinct separations (“Traditional Religions”). The religions also take root in the practice of oral tradition, being passed down through generations in the native language, as well as being overall centered around the communities within which they are prevalent within....

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