Religion has no place in politics, therefore, church and state must remain separate if we are to preserve our individual freedoms.

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In order to explore religion and politics in America, we must first begin with our country's roots in 17th century Europe. There was heavy conflict, over religion, involving the Catholics and the Protestants of England, and across Europe. They were two different religions who shared the principle that there should be one religion, everyone should be forced to follow it, and that government should enforce it. Therein lay the problem, how can there be only one religion when there are clearly more than one religion. In a region where Catholics were in power in government, the Protestants were persecuted. In regions where Protestants were in power, Catholics were persecuted. Catholics and Protestants alike could face execution as a heretic if they did not conform. The religious persecution drove the initial settlers from Europe to the colonies. Soon after the Puritans followed. The Puritans fled Europe destined for the new land so that they too could worship they way they chose. Both groups were fleeing England to pursue religious freedom, yet they differed in that the Puritans still held to the belief that the Church of England was the one true church, despite it's lack of reform. In a sense the citizens were like teens outgrowing the house rules, and developing their own independence. As time went on the settlers began to challenge other aspects of British rule on the colonies. The settlers then declared independence from British rule.

Fast forward to the forming of a nation, and the initial draft of the constitution... it made no mention of a national church. Thomas Jefferson, after reading a copy of the first draft, took issue with the lack of a bill of rights. More specifically he was concerned with freedom of r...

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... as living Constitution. Of course as a nation we are a melting pot not only of races, and cultures, but also of ideals. However, in this big melting pot on some issues we don't always blend so easily, much like oil and water. Separation of Church & State is one of those issues that has been debated.

Blood has been spilled in the name of God throughout history, in America, and across the globe.

Religion in politics.

America was founded on the idea of equality for all. We built our nation after leaving England for religious freedom. Somewhere between interpreting the intentions of our founding fathers as they built our nation, and evolving our government with the ever changing times, we

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