Religion and Science

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Ever since humans became self-aware, there has been one question that has been inherited through generations “how do we exist?” Even though this question is relatively simple, in reality no one has a definitive answer. The first humans felt frightened by nature and what surrounded them, the fear needed to be channel into a certain object and thus the first religion was created. With the belief of a god, humans found a way to explain why there were earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, and heavy winds. As time passed, humans became smarter than before and thus started questioning more than their surroundings. They started to question their own existence and the meaning of such existence, questions such as these where answered through religion in the past. As technology started to progress we became aware that there were other planets and stars out there. Along hand with that discovery came a very controversial question “Are we alone?” This simple question has haunted us ever since, even today we are unable to provide a definitive answer. However, out pursuit of the answer made us closely study the origin of life in Earth. As expected, such statement offended religions everywhere and started an everlasting debate; did a god place us on this planet or are we just a product of evolution? The short answer would be that we don’t know, however, we do have some ideas of how life came to earth. But in order to understand such ideas, it is imperative to understand that life means bacteria or so; not animals or insects. The entire universe is made of the same elements, but certain elements are abundant in certain regions while others are scarce. It is believed that our planet has all the required raw materials to create life. Even though... ... middle of paper ... ...hs, prophets, saviors, and rudimentary explanations of natural phenomena, one finds a clear picture of human society. It clearly portrays our fears, loves, dreams, goodness and evilness. This way in which the bible breaks down society is truly remarkable, even people who do not believe in Jesus will always see the symbol that he represented. The story of Jesus is a perfect narrative that explains the importance of love, peace, justice, tolerance, and sacrifice. This ideals that Jesus portrays are pretty much the needed values for a peaceful society, ideas such as this should not be discarded just because one doesn’t believe in Jesus but should rather be studied like plateau’s writings and considered as metaphors. There is a great moral gain from reading the ideas that the bible conveys and if it could change the human’s violent nature, we should all give it a try.

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