Religion and Health in HIV/AIDS Communities

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In this research we explored holiness or spirituality in the means of decreasing stress and improving mental well-being in the lives of those who have been infected with HIV or have picked up a shortage syndrome of AIDS as well as the clinical presentations and the future outlooks on research. Individuals have turned to faith for countless reasons and researchers have tried to understand what the correlation might be to be able to explain these relationships. (Remie 2001, 195) The illness its self has deep effects on mutually physical and psychological health. About 21.8 million of men, women, and children have passed away from this illness and an additional 36.1 million have become infected by HIV. Approximately twenty years ago there has shown there are several illness that have lead a person to later become infected with AIDS and from then the list has extended. Though this illness is deadly there are therapies that have been developed to help a patient to diminish the quantity of the disease in the bloodstream. Some treatments that were used were meditation, declarations, mystical soul purifications, care groups, and herbal remedies. The majority of the patients decided to go through divine orientation not only to enhance the value of their life, but also as a treatment. (Remie 2001, 196)
The time period of this disease is estimated to last 7 to 10 years if not longer. In the treatments the main goal is to try to increase the time period between HIV and AIDS. Within this time period patients go through vary illnesses and cancers. (Remie 2001, 197) This epidemic occurred first within gays and bisexual men and then progressed to those who were injected drug users. The injected users were composed of adults and young adults. (R...

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...uality then those who were uninfected caregivers of their partners. Even when the burden for the caregivers who were HIV-positive seemed heavy because of the challenges they faced they felt as if being more spiritual lessen the weight of their burden. Many caregivers after their partners had passed claimed to have experienced a spiritual phenomenon such as the soul lifting up from the body and living on. Some even say that their relationship with their partner still lives on and used a ritual to mark their death or a celebration to life. Those who reported to be spiritual went on to discover other coping strategies, but some even experienced an increase in depressive symptoms, anxiety, lower positive way of thinking, and more physical difficulties. In the end religiousness is parallel with adaptive managing and reduced load for caregivers, mainly those who are sick.
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