Religion: The Five Religions Of The World

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There are five major religions in the world and in one way or another, they are similar to each other. I turned ALL five religions into a Mural to show unity and peace. All religions are different, but they are similar in one way or another. For instance, all religions have a Holy Book. For Buddhism it’s Tripitaka, and for Hinduism, it’s the Holy Vedas. For Christianity, it’s the Holy Bible and for Judaism it Torah. Last but not least, for Islam it’s Ouran. The religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all have Holy Books and God name in Common.
First, I’m going talk about Buddhism. Buddhism doesn’t have a God, but some people view Buddha as a god, but he wasn’t. I represented God name in my mural by drawing (even though he’s not a god) Buddha. I drew him in a pose that would mean he’s meditating. I did this because this is a key part of reaching enlightenment. Buddha is important to Buddhism because he created the religion itself. He is the sole purpose that this religion exists and why reaches so many people. Buddha helped people find their pathway to enlightenment. Next, I want to talk about
Second, I would like to talk about Hinduism. Hinduism has a large array of Gods, but there is one god that is the most powerful. That God 's name is Brahma. Brahma is important to the Hindus beliefs because he is the creator of
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Yahweh also translated into Jehovah, is name of Judaism 's God. Yahweh is important because he inspired Moses, who was the founder of Judaism. Now, I would like to talk about Torah. I drew the the holy book of Torah to the best of my ability and tried to make it as close to the real thing as I could. Torah is important to Jewish people because it outlines the expectations of Jewish people. The Torah includes more than 60 commandments! That’s all lot of commandments that they have to follow. So they focus on the 10 main commandments but the still follow the other

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