Religion Is The Fundamental Acknowledgement Of Life And Reality

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Religion is such a complex subject to define and study, that is distinguishes itself from other disciplines of study such as mathematics or other sciences. The explanation of religion takes on various interpretations based on the background and scientific approach taken. For many years the idea and concept of religion was the fundamental acknowledgement of life and reality which governed how humans perceived the world and their existence. The development of the study of sciences moved the idea of reality into methods of explaining what the world consisted of and to move away from religious concepts of life. There was a new movement away from the creation theory of life: that God has created the earth for the benefit of humans to the idea of natural selection. Scientific studies of the different disciplines rely on empirical data based on theories and hypothesis that can be proven by human intellect coming from human generated formulas. Whereas, the study on religion is predisposed on understanding concepts of the unknown: who is the creator or Supreme Being, what is the relationship of humans with the universe, where do we come from, what happens after death. There are various methods used to study religion with different perspective represented including those who don’t believe in any form of religion or the existence of a creator or Supreme Being. As science continues to progress there are now movements to meld the concept of religion with scientific research as explanation of the workings of the universe because of the complexity involved and the many unanswered questions being presented to the scientific community. The study of religion must take a holistic approach when encountered with ideas and beliefs are propagated that d... ... middle of paper ... ...lead followers and institute acts of violence against other people from different belief systems. Throughout history there are countless examples of violence being perpetrated in the name of religion. The crusades in are an early example of violence in the name of a religion, the ongoing dispute between Christians, Jews and Muslims are further examples of conflict between different religious groups. There is also a history of religious cult that has led to clashes with authorities or suicide by members such as: the Branch Davidians, The People’s Temple led by Jim Jones, Heaven’s Gate and many others. Whether people who belong to various religions have guilt feelings, use their faith as escapism, are subjugated by a government or state instituted religion, it is the people who lead these organizations that promote and breed violence that emanates from their groups.
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