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What Religion Is Religion, although very complex, it is something humankind shares with one another. Each religion may contain different views, or beliefs, but all are used for the same purpose. Religion may be used to make sense of the world surrounding us, for emotional and mental health, or just a way to live life. Religion can be much more than just a daily routine or following a set of rules on how to live life. Religion is faith in a higher or higher powers and it is that belief that influences how we live from day to day. In “Why Is Religion Natural”, Boyer sees religion as being more complex or having a deeper meaning than people just using it to understand the universe, to escape their misfortunes, or for their morality etc. To…show more content…
My belief in God is a risk that I am willing to take. God may not be the one true god and there might be more than one god, but I do not have any proof of whether or not he exists, but I do have the belief in him and my belief in him gives me the morality I have. The only proof I have of his existence is the feeling I get of his “presence” and my faith in him is not religious. So I disagree with Tilley’s statements of the four misunderstanding of faith. Faith means the “confidence or trust in a person or thing” ( It is clear that his position on faith is that there is much more to it than just a belief etc. To me, that is all faith is, there is no particular way to explain or express my faith in God, the only way I can describe my faith is my strong belief in God. I have complete and utter faith in him, and I put all of my trust in him. There are many things that I believe he has done for me and would not have been possible without his doing. It is my faith in him that I base my life on. (Tilley,…show more content…
It can give us a sense of hope or morality. Every religion is different from one another, but they are all used by mankind to explain what is beyond our comprehension. Religion may not always be as positive as many would hope, but there are negative sides to religion as well. Many people may use religion to control others, create wars, or violence. There are also positive sides, such as devoting life to others, charity, love and compassion. Many people base their lives on their beliefs which makes religion a very important part of life and there are many people who agree religion is a necessary component of society and people’s

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