Religion Is An Important Impact On Our Everyday Life

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Religion has an important impact on our everyday life. Society uses religion to express themselves through faith, God and worshiping. Sports is also a type of religion in today’s society. People worship their teams at games and pray before every game. Sports and religion ties directly into people’s lives every day, take for instance Herman Winston, a golfer in Roland Merullo’s Golfing with God. He is approached by God’s lieutenant and is asked to help God with the yips. Herman later learns he’s on a spiritual journey that evolves from saving his father’s soul through a golf match with the devil and later being reincarnated on earth for a second life to reach his spiritual destiny. Sports and religion relate directly to Herman Winston’s experiences through sacred stories and doctrines. Sacred stories in religion are defining moments for history. Scared stories tell us stories that are important to creation and provide a foundation to enrich ourselves in religious facts, ideas and changes. The temptation of Christ is clearly detailed in the Gospels of Matthew, Luke, Mark and John. According to the sacred stories, after Jesus was baptized he fasted for forty days and nights in the Judean Desert. Throughout this time, Satan come forth and tried to tempt Jesus. Jesus refused every temptation. Later Satan departed and angles came down to nourish Jesus. Matthew and Luke explain the temptation of Jesus through dialogue between Jesus and Satan. Just as in the stories in the bible referring to Satan’s temptations of Jesus we find connections to Herman Winston’s temptations in the novel, Golfing with God. Herman’s prime example of temptation came about when Bunny Rogan says “I was there at the Western Pennsylvania Open” (Merullo 230). B... ... middle of paper ... God why didn’t he know everything and why didn’t he know all about me if I made it into heaven. In this instance the author shows the reader that God is more than just higher power, but rather an important character in the novel that uses his wisdom, intellectual ability, and his spiritual powers to help Herman prosper. We can see from Merullo point of view on God to Christian views that they differ and compare in several ways that generate a variety of views on divine power and how it effects society. The devil in the bible is described as a liar, pure evil, and force that has fallen. In comparison in the novel for the most part it’s similar to the bible he is described as spiritual force of evil that does try to tempt Herman just like God and is unsuccessful. Spiritual growth is another view of Christianity that is important to achieving full spiritual potential.
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