Religion In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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When conflicts arise within a society or an individual, many rely on their faith and religious practices to overcome these issues. In the case for “Things Fall Apart”, the spirits represent the ultimate figure and play an important role in the culture for the people of the Umuofia society. The native belief of spirits is the first focus that comes from the novel. The whole idea of spirits is essentially based off a male god named Chukwu, who taught the early Igbo natives how to develop and survive on yams. Yams later on became the primary source for food and the foundation of the Igbo economy, showing the power and influence the spirit god Chukwu posses. The male god is then balanced by the female Earth goddess Ani, who holds nearly the same amount of…show more content…
Often these gods (spirits) communicate and instruct the men and woman of Igbo through a high priest or priestess. The spiritual gods of Igbo play a big role in the tribe, as many rely on them to settle and create resolutions with other tribes, answer decisive questions and take care of punishments in relation to justice. When news that a nearby tribe has killed an Umuofian woman in the marketplace, the people of Umuofia turn to their gods to see what is best fit for the punishment of the neighboring tribe who committed this act of murder. With the gods order, Okonkwo (representing Umuofia) is sent out, bringing back a young boy and a virgin girl as payment for the crime Mbaino (the tribe) has done. Another example of when the tribesmen call upon the spiritual gods is when consulting with Chielo, the priestess of Agbala (Oracle of the Hills and Caves). As she is possessed by a god, Chielo is one of the most powerful figures of the tribe bringing many go as a practice of rituals and practices. Those who come to the oracle often pose questions of various matters only to be answered by the
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