Religion During Renaissance

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In current day, our knowledge towards the church has grown strong and tremendously, but during the Renaissance did the church have a fall out due to the comprehension of what was going on in that time period? During the Renaissance, religion was one of the foundations that had a negative and positive impact. Martin Luther saw this opportunity of this mishap and stood up and took a stand. This of which is known as the Reformation. Due to a disease and lack of knowledge; religion had its negative turning point. The Black Death lead to the church having mistrust towards the community, but started to get back on track during the Reformation. The Renaissance soon led to a humanistic worldview. Religion was the central focus during the Renaissance, but due to dreadful diseases called the “Black Death”, the church and society had a fallout. The cause of the Black Death was due to bad bacteria being passed along by black rats and fleas. It started along the Silk Road, than made its way into the Mediterranean and Europe. Since the bad bacterium was being passed along so quickly, it was impossible to stop. Due to this, over 17-200 million people were killed. This event happened so fast, it was unbearable and people did not have enough time to react and prepare themselves. People were becoming sick, getting extreme rashes and even, tumours in necks, armpits, and groins. The community’s went downhill, business men and workers were dying, guilds lost their craftsmen, and crops were dying due to no one being able to farm. This also lead to a time where food was very limited, and starvation was accruing. As a result of all of this happening, the church and religions were being targeted. Majority of groups were targeting the Jews because they ... ... middle of paper ... ... did not help when people had these thoughts of the chapel. The Church was still viewed as an institution plaque by the internal power of struggle. Leaders of the Church and counsel was more interested in building army alliances and nepotism, therefore, religious and spirituality viewed were not focus on and was slowly getting diminished. The increase in politics and the decrease of religious values cause several attempts to reform the Church, but all failed until Martin Luther succeeded in the early 1500s. Martin Luther who started the reformation in 1517 was a German Monk and professor. Martin Luther posted his 95 thesis statements on the doors Church, this of which expressed Luther’s concerns towards the Church. Most concerns on the list were if how if people didn’t repent, you would be sent to purgatory, which is known as a waiting room between Heaven and hell.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that during the renaissance, religion had a negative and positive impact. the black death led to the church having mistrust towards the community.
  • Explains that the black death was caused by dreadful bacteria being passed along by black rats and fleas. it started along the silk road, then made its way into europe.
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