Religion And Spirituality Essay

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Can you define religion and spirituality? Not many people know what is religion and spirituality or are not able to define it. Whether we know it or not but, in some ways everyone performs or believes something that would put them in a category of being religious. So, let’s look at the second question. Where would you place yourself into these four categories: religious and spiritual, religious but not spiritual, not religious but spiritual, or neither religious nor spiritual? It is hard to decide where you would place yourself from these four choices. I am going to provide some basic information about religion and spirituality, which might help you to categorize yourself into one of these. However, in this paper, I am going to first explain…show more content…
Meaning of religion varies in different cultures and geographical location (Religion and Spirituality). In religion, most people believe in a god or gods. Also, most of them have set rules which must be followed to be religious. Religion is a category that is really wide-ranging and has many different parts to it. Such as rituals, beliefs, festivals, community, and many other things which are set by specific religion. Especially, when a group of people gets together based on their shared thoughts of their religion. Which shows their belonging into the groups, and they identify themselves as part of that group. Religion is really diverse, even in one religion, it would vary how the religion is understood and practiced by a person. For example, a person can “be a believer but not a religious practitioner” (Religion and Spirituality). Moreover, people differ in ways that they are…show more content…
Spirituality is like seeds in watermelon and rest of it is religion. Religion has been only changed bits and pieces to make a spiritual belief by modern era people. Their intention may be to make changes to live free from having set rules or follow what’s written in books. Thus, it has been given a new name of being spiritual. In religion, people differ in ways that they follow their own religion; likewise; spirituality varies based on person to person how they practice or believe in what they believe in. This shows how spirituality adopted from religion, where some people tend to do things differently even being religious or spiritual. In religion, most people believe in god or a higher authority person; likewise, in spirituality, some people also believe in god or looking for higher than god. This shows how spirituality is following the trend in believing in a higher figure than god or god similar to
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