Religion And Religion In Life Of Pi By Yann Martel

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The novel, Life of Pi by Yann Martel, talks about a sixteen-year old man named Pi Patel, who unbelievably survives a dreadful shipwreck after 227 days with the animals in a lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean. Different ideas and themes in the book can be found in which the readers can gain an understanding about. The author communicated to the reader by using an ample amount of symbolisms to talk about the themes. The main themes of this novel are religion and faith. His religion and him being faithful have helped him throughout the journey, and this eventually led to an incredible precedent. The author left the reader thinking about how religion and faith can have an impact in our lives positively. Religion can affect our choices in life, and faith…show more content…
In the novel, Pi grows up to be a religious man, growing up in a place with diverse culture. He believes that “religion is about choosing the better story”. Therefore, he learns to worship three religion - Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. In the lifeboat, his choices were based on his religion. For instance, Pi hesitated first to kill the fish because he was vegetarian, but he set aside his religion because he believes that he needs to survive since he thinks God is with him. He thanks Vishnu, a Hindu God, for coming as a fish to save him. “Even when God seemed to have abandoned me … indifferent to my suffering, He was watching; and when I was beyond all of hope of saving, He gave me rest, and gave me a sign to continue my journey.” This quote portrays how Pi felt that God was with him every time, and that is why he is willing to live and not give up. He prayed and prayed as he believes that it is one of the keys to…show more content…
Pi survived because he was faithful. One of the factors that made him survive was by praying. He had a daily ritual, to pray five times a day, which is a ritual in Islam. He considered this just as important as survival preparations. “My heart stopped and then beat triple speed. I turned. "Jesus, Mary, Muhammad and Vishnu!" I saw a sight that will stay with me for the rest of my days. Richard Parker had risen and emerged. He was not fifteen feet from me. Oh, the size of him! The hyena's end had come, and mine.” This quote is one of Pi’s prayers. Pi was close to death at that point, but because of the power of his prayer, the tiger has not attacked him. This is significant because it supports the idea that faith can protect us, and through praying, nothing is impossible. Pi thinks of God and Richard Parker every time as they are the reason for Pi to live on. Faith kept Pi from giving up.
Many symbolisms are seen throughout the book which represent the themes of the novel. One of them is the orange lifebuoy. The color orange is the color of Hinduism. It represents the theme of faith because without it, Pi would not have survived. Another one was the mysterious Algae Island. It symbolizes the theme of religion. He described it as ‘very green’ which is the color of Islam. It also shows that whenever we’re in a difficult situation, we would always face religion. Therefore, Pi felt that he was safe because of the algae
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