Releasing The Governments Grip on Education

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Releasing The Governments Grip on Education Will the debates over education reform ever end? Can any system of education ever be formed to satisfy the conflicting desires of the people? The education of America’s youth is an important subject to most voters. Education holds a few spots in every election and has always been a crucial part of every candidate’s platform. The people of America have many sides to each of the numerous issues that surround education. Some of these issues include the content of the curriculum, discipline policies, safety of the children, over-crowded classrooms, zoning regulations, quality of teachers, and the inclusion or exclusion of religious teachings. Parents are lost in the sea of different reform ideas to vote for when they fill out their ballots. Simply, parents want their children to receive a superb education. Searching for a school that can provide such an education can prove to be a difficult task. The largest supplier of education is the government. While almost half of America consider the public schools to be “only fair” or worse, the overwhelming majority of parents continue to send their children to publics schools (Metropolitan). Even if parents were to find a school that meets their approval, often zoning regulations deny children from another location to be enrolled. The alternatives to public schools are home schooling and private schools. Teaching their own children is beyond many parents’ capabilities. Having enough time and energy is an issue since most households have two working parents. Further, most parents would not feel adequate enough for the task and would rather professional educators teach their children. On the other hand, sending their children to private schools still proves to be too expensive. The market for private schooling meets the demand of the wealthy, who can afford the costs, and the religious parents, which make sacrifices to control the theological and moral education of their children. These choices are not good enough. The supply of education is not meeting the demand of concerned parents. A healthy supply of education could be achieved if government relinquished its control. The separation of the government from education would allow a true market to thrive. Whether controlled by profit-earning businesses or non-profit organizations, all schools would be private. Unlike the current situation, every school would be subjected to the competition of a free market.

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