Relay For Life: A Marathon to Raise Money to Fight Cancer

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Did you know that over $3 billion has been raised to help find a cure for cancer since 1985? That is almost $100 million dollars a year (RFL)! Have you ever wondered how you can participate and get involved in raising money against cancer? Almost every person in their lifetime is somehow affected by cancer, whether it is through a family member, a friend, or even themselves, and want to know how they can participate in their local community to help find a cure against this deadly disease. Relay For Life, which has been going strong for 30 years, is a community, national, and international program where cancer survivors, caregivers, and others come together to raise money to fight back against cancer.
Relay For Life was started in an unique way almost thirty years ago by one man. In 1985, Doctor Gordy Klatt decided to help fight against cancer and raise money by running marathons. For his first marathon, he spent twenty-four hours running at Baker Stadium in Tacoma, Washington. Individuals donated money to walk and/or run with him during the marathon. He raised $27,000 to fight cancer in that twenty-four hour time period alone (Relay). While running, he thought about a team relay event to raise money. He created the first event called the City of Destiny Classic 24-hour Run Against Cancer. In 1986, over $33,000 was raised at the first relay team event (Relay). Over the past twenty-eight years, Relay has turned into 5,200 events and $4.5 billion fundraised to help find a cure for cancer. Relay has inspired millions of survivors, caregivers, and participants (Relay).
Today, Relay For Life events are very easy to get involved in, happen in communities everywhere and can occur at different times of the year in different communi...

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